$1 Christmas Donation Report

$1 Christmas Donation food
Food bought with your Christmas donations
$1 Christmas Donation more food
The food in public shelter's deposit

1$ Christmas Donation ended on December 31st 2014. We received:


Our $400 turned into €329,98 (Euro) at exchange Rate: 1 US-Dollar = 0,8249 Euro. It came down to approximately 500kg* of food for both Alina and Doina. Each received 250kg* of food (10 bags of Cookie Everyday puppy food and 15 bags of Cookie Everyday adult food).

*1kg is approximately 2 lbs.

The food was bought through Hans Tapproge's association Animal Care Unlimited Germany. Check out the association's Facebook page and website.

The food is produced in Romania by Nordic Pet Food and Hans is selling the food at a reduced price (less than 5 euros for a 10 kg Cookie Everyday food bag). The food is shipped once a month (usually toward the end of the month) to a lot of Romanian cities including Bacau.

The normal price for a 10kg bag of Cookie Everyday food ranges from 6.27 to 5.49 Euros, so there's a bit of discount since Hans is getting it under 5 euros per bag.

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