Valentine's Day Silent Auction

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animals in need

The Valentine's Day 2015 Silent Auction ended.

The auction benefited the dogs rescued by Street Dogs Saving Mission Bacau. We'd like to thank everyone who bid on our auction items or made a donation toward our effort to deliver funds critical to the survival of severely abused and abandoned animals in Romania. We received:

  • $60 via auctioned items
  • $20 direct cash donations (without bidding on any item)

The $80 proceedings were used to buy food for the dogs rescued by Street Dogs Saving Mission Bacau.

The Valentine's Day 2015 Silent Auction is hosted on Voice For The Needy's Facebook page. Simply comment with the amount you want to bid on the image of the item you like. The comment with the highest amount on February 15th 11:59PM will win.

The money won for each item will help a specific dog. Check out details below.

All bidders will receive a Valentine's card regardless of winning.

Can't bid but still want to help? Share the event to help us reach more people.

Bibonel and Lucinda, female, 3 years

Bibonel and Lucinda, siblings, 2 months

Bibonel and Lucinda were saved from the public shelter and we have to find a great home for them. Before they get adopted we want to make sure that they get vaccinated and neutered. We need help with vet bills and possibly transportation to their future home.

Stella McCartney shoes

Katy, female, 3 years

Katy, female, 3 years

Katy was living beside a grocery store parking lot in Bacau, Romania. She has injuries that appear to have been caused by having some sort of caustic liquid thrown over her. Despite her pain, she is still a friendly and loving girl. The rescuer of some of our very first Laika Fund dogs took Katy to a clinic, and she is now clear of infection, and slowly healing. Katy has bills at the clinic that need paying, and we have been asked to bring her to Canada in search of a new home. Her prep, (microchip, shots and passport) plus a flight cage and airfare, will be about $1000. Katie has a chance to fly in March, but she desperately needs help to be ready. Please share her story, and donate so that she can have a

Black sequined cocktail dress. Front and back.

Flora, female

Flora, female

Alina found Flora walking aimlessly around heavy traffic on the streets of Bacau. At first she thought that Flora had a large tumor on one of the front legs, but it turned out to be an amputation most likely the result of a car accident. Flora is a dog with special needs. She will need constant treatment for her amputated paw in order to not feel any more pain. Also she can’t go back on the streets where she will be in danger of falling pray to the dog catchers. Flora has a better chance if she will be adopted by a Western European family, but the transportation costs can be pretty hefty.

ABS Silk evening dress.

Bianca-Neve, female, 1.5 years old

Bianca-Neve, female, 1.5 years old

Alina found Bianca-Neve roaming the streets approximately 3 months ago. Alina needs to find a family for Bianca and help to cover the bills for vaccination, microchip and neutering.

Handmade hat and scarf from Julian, CA

Timmy, male

Timmy, male | received $25

Alina found Timmy and his little brother thrown away in a plastic bag on a heavily circulated bridge in Bacau, Romania. Both had parvovirosis and were on the verge of dying of suffocation. Unfortunately Timmy's little brother didn't survive. Now Alina needs help to cover his medial bills (vaccinations, microchip and neutering). Timmy also needs a family of his own.

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Kyra, female

Kyra, female

Kyra is a sweet older dog who lived in the public shelter for 4 years until Alina rescued her. Kyra had tumors in both ears and she already went through 2 surgeries to remove them. Biopsy will soon confirm if the tumors were benign or not. Alina needs help to cover the vet bills and hopefully transportation to her new family.

Oleg Cassini Crystal Perfume Bottle Box

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Hope, female

Hope, female | received $20

When Alina first saw this dog, she couldn’t believe how skinny she was. Even though she was emaciated, she was more hungry for cuddles and affection. Alina named her Hope and immediately took her in her care. Hope needs a vet check, vaccination, neutering, microchip and dare we hope… a family to adopt her.

Meaningful Beauty Advanced Youth-Enhancing System

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Maicy, female

Maicy, female

Alina found little Maicy freezing and abandoned in the middle of nowhere nearby a road that trucks drivers use to throw away their garbage. Maicy was staying close to a dead dog that was probably killed by a truck. Alina had to take in this unfortunate puppy. It took a few days until Maicy started to eat well and feel confident again. Alina needs help to cover the transportation fees, microchipping, vaccination, neutering so that she has a better chance at adoption.

Black Leather Booties

Lucy, female

Lucy, female | received $15

This is a dog with multiple fractures because the dog catchers beat her severely. Inexplicably the dog catchers took this dog and dumped her on Alina’s door step a few days before New Year’s Eve. When they brought her in, they were holding her from the neck and told Alina that she bites. Of course it turns out that this is a very sweet dog who simply was afraid. Alina promptly took her to the vet to take care of the fractures and the neck pains. Now she needs help to cover the medical bills and of course she is looking for a forever home.

Bulova pendant with 30 genuine Swarowski crystals

Toby, male

Toby, male

This dog is currently at the public shelter enduring horrendous conditions (cold and wet concrete). The vet who neutered him did a very poor job to say the least, so the dog’s genitals got infected and he is in constant pain. Alina needs financial help to take this dog to the vet and fix the botched surgery. Unfortunately Alina’s shelter is full so in order to save this dog, another one needs to find a forever home. She is working hard at making this happen but meanwhile she needs help to cover at least the medical bills. This is a very desperate case. Any help is appreciated.

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If you want to donate an item for the auction, email us at and write "Silent auction donation" in the subject line.